Letter from Cambridgeshire County Council re Hillrow closure

Dear Haddenham residents,

 As I am sure you are aware Cambridgeshire County Council has been conducting extensive carriageway repair works along the A1123 Hill Row causeway for the last two weeks. As you are no doubt aware this meant closing the road so we were able to spread the cost of the scheme as much as possible, without endangering members of the public. In total this scheme has seen Cambridgeshire County Council spend roughly £270,000 on a variety of high end surfacing products, which will provide improved grip, durability and skid resistance. Whilst I realise that this road closure will have led to some interruption to local businesses and residents, I am very grateful for the cooperation and willingness of everyone in the local community to ensure that this led to minimum disruption for everyone involved.

 Your cooperation has enabled Cambridgeshire County Council to carry out extensive repair works to sections of the carriageway; on a place to place basis, which now has a much smoother and safer running surface. I am sure you will all agree that this is a huge improvement on the road surface that was there beforehand and I hope you are all happy with the finished product.

 Lastly I would like to take the opportunity to apologise for any delays or changes of plan that came about as a result of the works. I realise that on certain days due to the extremely hot weather and other factors out of our control Cambridgeshire County Council had to open the road later than the advertised time in the interests of public safety. I hope however that this doesn’t detract from the many positives mentioned above.

 Thank you again for all your cooperation and patience,


Yours sincerely


Joshua Rutherford

Cambridgeshire County Council

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