Charities in Haddenham

The Haddenham Foundation of Elizabeth March
Established between 1700 and 1722 when Elizabeth March, the widow of William March of Hinton Hall, Haddenham, left a house and a farm at Oakington for the foundation of schools at Brinkley, Fen Ditton, Fulbourn, Haddenham and Histon. The property was sold and an Education Charity was established in each parish.

In 2012 Haddenham’s investment income amounted to £300, used to enhance facilities at the local school.

The Robert Arkenstall Educational Foundation
This charity was established by the will of Robert Askenstall dated 1 April 1640 by which about 50 acres of land were left to the parish, the rents to be used to maintain a free school. (The school building became the Arkenstall Centre in 1971.) Income in 1994 amounted to £1,735 from rents and £577 from investments.

One quarter of the net income is paid to the Vicar of Haddenham for the promotion of religious instruction by means of, for example, a Sunday School. The balance may be used for special benefits for the local school and for providing financial assistance to young persons under the age of 25 who are entering further education or training for a trade or profession.

Haddenham Charities & Robert Arkenstall Educational Foundation

The Haddenham Charities
In 1980 a number of long-established village Charities amalgamated: The Poors’ Land Trust, The Charity of Sir John Jolles, The Grunty Fen Allotments and The Poors’ Land Education Foundation. The Charity owns approximately 91 acres of land and formerly owned the site of the old High Street School. Income in 1994 amounted to £5,250 for rents and £5,798 from investments applied:

  • To promote the education (including physical and social training) of people under 25 years resident in the Parish.
  • To relieve conditions of need, hardship or distress.
  • For any other charitable purposes for the general benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish.
  • Haddenham Charities & Robert Arkenstall Educational Foundation