Update from East Cambs Neighbourhood Police

It has been a busy few weeks in East Cambs for the Constabulary. As we move into the summer time period our green spaces become busier with Carnivals, Festivals and events. Not to mention our kids being off over the summer holidays. There’s lots of background planning in the Constabulary to try and ensure that we have staff at the events where needed.

As you maybe aware there have been several caravan encampments in and around the Ely area. These encampments invariably cause community concern and we see lots of alarmed social media chatter. Please be assured that we work very closely with East Cambs District Council (ECDC) and County Highways, as well as local landowners who are often Parish Councils. People often say ‘why aren’t the Police doing anything?’. There are various powers to move unlawful encampments away – generally it is the landowners responsibility where they will be required to use bailiffs and sometimes need to obtain court permission. The police do have some powers which can only be exercised where there is sufficient justification and we work pretty closely with ECDC to make sure the right, proportionate and legally justifiable approach is used. If you are worried or have questions you are welcome to contact my staff or me directly.

I mentioned in my last letter to you that I like catching crooks. I’m pleased to report that a couple of weeks ago that when travelling back to Ely from Cambridge I decided to stop a car that ‘wasn’t quite right’ (gut feel). It didn’t stop and sped away, I pursued the car which regrettably crashed and then the driver and passenger then legged it. Thinking I may be in trouble for causing the crash, I decided to pursue the driver and ended up having a foot chase Fortunately for me I was fitter than he as the person ran out of steam. After eventually catching up to him, Pava (the police nasty spray) was used and he was arrested. Drugs and wads of notes were recovered from the vehicle suggesting naughty behaviour…. I don’t like crooks!

As a footnote I get numerous complaints regarding parking. We don’t have dedicated parking officers and our staff will deal with errant motorists as and when they have the opportunity to. I have instructed all staff to ensure they have a current ticket book and recent foot patrols in Ely City have seen the officers issue numerous tickets. Longer term we are working with East Cambs District Council for a better and sustainable solution for an issue that causes a lot of nuisance to our communities.

Kind regards Mark

Police Sergeant Mark Rabel
East Cambs Neighbourhood

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