Statement from the Chairman

From the Chairman of HPC.

“You may have seen something in the recent Lib Dem Focus leaflet referring to the Parish Council’s attempts to obtain a crossing on Hop Row.  In it, it is stated that the County Council had rejected our application and ignored a petition by residents.
Clearly, this is not entirely true, as reference to the HPC minutes bears out.

The option of a zebra crossing was deemed unsafe.  However, a signal-controlled crossing is a possibility and the Parish Council is working closely with County Councillor Bill Hunt to make this a reality.

The Parish Council wishes to make it quite clear that it is totally apolitical and that any attempt to appropriate its proposals for political gain is unacceptable.  To make assertions such as this is misleading the public, and whilst we are in the process of negotiation with the County, could even be damaging to our chances of success.”

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