“No Fishing” Policy at Guppy’s Pond

The no fishing policy at Guppy’s has been in force for more that 20 years now, primarily to maintain the conservation status of the lake and its immediate surroundings.  This is with the aim of keeping it a natural and unspoilt area for the enjoyment of all.

The area around Guppy’s is now appreciated by many walkers with and without dogs, bird watchers, and neighbouring villagers who simply appreciate the peaceful, beautiful space in which to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The fear has always been that to open up the area for fishing, with no realistic possibility of effective policing and management, would invite problems of vandalism, irresponsible fishing and an influx of strangers to the village who would not appreciate the value of the area to us or respect the wishes of the village.  The possibility of effective policing is simply not realistic as it is well known that people would travel long distances to fish in such a lake and would be present both in the day and sometimes through the night, presenting security problems for both walkers and neighbouring houses, as well as disturbing the wildlife we hope to encourage.

Such an attitude may well be greeted with scepticism, but recent ‘illegal’ fishing has unfortunately shown that our fears are only too well founded.  Throughout the last summer and autumn we were aware that some people have been fishing.  This is evidenced by the discarded bait boxes, hook wrappings, general litter from confectionery and drink containers, as well as the removal of notices and unsightly destruction of trees and bushes around the lake, presumably to make casting easier.

So, it appears that the Parish Council’s policy of No Fishing is well justified and we ask all villagers to respect it, to report any violations to Jenny Manning the Parish Clerk on 01353 749919 or email: clerk@haddenhamparishcouncil.org.uk and when possible, to actively support your council to keep this area safe and beautiful and a wildlife reserve for all who want to use it.

Thank you

Haddenham Parish Council

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