Haddenham & Aldreth website policy for linked sites

The Haddenham website acts as a hub for information about, or of use to, the village and its inhabitants, to run alongside the village magazine Village Voice.

To fulfil this vision Haddenham Parish Council encourages informative website links to the site but will endeavour to prevent abuse or disrespect to the public with the following policy:

  1. Links will be accepted to bona fide informative and relevant websites whose content has been checked and moderated by the website owner (in the internet sense) before being added to that website.  Haddenham Parish Council has the ultimate say on relevance to the parish.
  2. Links will NOT be accepted to interactive websites where direct public interaction is possible without moderation. This includes websites where public comments can be removed by the website owner soon after being placed as this still has the capacity to cause offence in the short time it is visible. This includes most Facebook and other social networking websites.
  3. If an already linked website changes from a simple informational website to an interactive “blog” style feature Haddenham Parish Council can decide to remove that link if any offensive posting is brought to its attention.
  4. In all cases of linked websites Haddenham Parish Council is not responsible for the content even if that website has been subject of a vote or decision by Haddenham Parish Council.

Policy approved and adopted 8th October 2014
Minutes FC 09/2014 Item 21