ECDC – Developing Local Plan

The Parish Council has been asked by some parishioners for an explanation of the Local Plan and felt it would be advantageous to give an explanation to all parishioners.

Fundamentally, we need to get building. In 2014/15, we only built 163 homes across the whole district, and only a slightly higher figure of 181 homes in 2015/16 and this simply is not sufficient. Every week, on average, around 10 new ‘households’ are created in East Cambridgeshire, whether that be children growing up wanting their own homes; young people in shared accommodation getting married and wanting to start a family or people moving to the area to take a job. Yet for the last two years we only built 3 homes a week and we will need to build c4000 homes in the next 5 years.

Therefore ‘ECDC’ are currently developing a new Local Plan, which when adopted, covers the period up to 2036 and in line with national policy, the Local Plan, as a whole, will be based on a presumption in favour of sustainable development and will replace the Local Plan adopted in 2015. This is an important document as it will determine what East Cambridgeshire will look like in the future and how it will become an even better place to live, work and visit. The second draft (of three) of the new Local Plan for East Cambridgeshire was published in January 2017 which included emerging planning policies and a set of proposed sites for consultation and to which the Parish and District councillors responded in relation to proposed sites and planning policies. During this consultation phase, additional proposed sites were submitted and these are being reviewed by the ‘ECDC’ Strategic Planning Team, statutory consulting bodies and again the Parish and District councillors. The third draft is planned to be completed in the summer of 2017 for review by the full ‘ECDC’ in September or October 2017. The next stages are submission to the Secretary of State and a review by a Planning Inspector to ensure the plan is ‘sound’ and final Local Plan adoption in 2018.

All documents in relation to the ‘ECDC’ developing local plan can be found at

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