East Cambs Local Plan Consultation

The District Council is consulting on a number of major modifications to the submitted East Cambridgeshire Local Plan. The changes are proposed by the District Council, as new technical evidence and work has been undertaken since the pre-submission draft Local Plan was published in February 2013 (including an increase in the number of houses required in the district). The changes should help to ensure that the Plan is up to date and sound.

The document sets out the Council’s proposed major modifications to the draft Local Plan – and can be found on East Cambs website. A number of minor modifications have also been proposed, but are not included in this consultation. They can be viewed in the ‘live’ Proposed Minor Modifications document in the Examination library.

Comments on the proposed Major Modifications should be made by 5pm on Friday 15th November 2013 and can be submitted via the link on the East Cambs website.

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