Last updated by PCSO Annie Austin 7353 (Ely North Team) 26/10/12

Sunday 21st, Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd were rest days.

Saturday 20th October (14:00hrs – 22:00hrs)
No sooner had I arrived today I was sent out immediately to look for a 14 year old lad who had disappeared from his new foster carers in Haddenham at approx 11:30 am and heading back to Wisbech where he had come from the day before. Officers in the Fenland area were already out looking for him and I travelled up and down the A142 between Witcham Toll and Chatteris. I am pleased to say that he was finally found late afternoon, safe and well in Wisbech. During the early part of the evening I patrolled through Witcham, Mepal and Sutton where I issued a Fixed Penalty Notice to a vehicle parked in the ‘KEEP CLEAR’ box on the junction of the High Street and Red Lion Lane. I then continued my patrols in Haddenham, Wilburton, Stretham and Little Thetford where there were no issues of concern. Towards the end of the shift I double crewed with PCSO Emma Graves where we patrolled Soham Town Centre following reports of a crowd of youths on the High Street. We had a chat with these and asked them to disperse, which they did. Finally we made our way back to Ely to update our paperwork before ‘booking off’

Friday 19th October (12:00hrs – 22:00hrs)
I began my day with a visit to Manor Court Sheltered Housing, Witchford to say good-bye to the scheme manager, Pattie Harrington who is leaving today to start a new life in the Midlands.I have enjoyed working closely with Pattie over the past couple of years and I know that she will be sorely missed by all her residents and I wish her all the best for the future. After this I popped into Witchford Village College to speak to staff about any issues they may have. Whilst on the school grounds I also popped into the offices of the local youth charity group, ‘Community CARTS’ for a catch up with the staff. I then returned to Ely to update my records. Returning to the beat, I was called with PCSO Barb Neill to an RTC on Back Hill, Ely where we were asked to control the traffic from Angel Drove, closing Back Hill. Later on we visited a couple in Ely who are involved in a complicated neighbour dispute. Most of the issues raised were civil but we were able to offer some words of advice.

Thursday 18th October (12:00hrs – 22:00hrs)
My first task of the day was to head up to our Headquarters in Huntingdon where I collected my ‘uniform’ to be worn at the Cenotaph for this years Rememberance Parade. This is now only three weeks away and I now have my joining instructions! Needlesstosay, I’m a little excited and anxious at the same time as I shall be only feet away from the Queen and in full view of the media. I can only hope that I don’t make any mistakes!!
On my return to Ely, I then conducted two reassurance visits to victims of crime in both Way Head near Coveney and then in Stretham. During the evening, I was double crewed with PCSO Barb Neill and where we visited some families on New Barns Ely to solve some friendship/behaviour issues with their children. Words of advice was given to all parties.From here we were called to Tesco’s to speak to staff about concerns for a regular customer whose behaviour was causing some concern. Once again words of advice was given to contact us if this continues.

Wednesday 17th October (8:00hrs – 18:00hrs)
This was a training day, where I spent the morning at Parkside Police Station, Cambridge and at the Ely Fire Station in the afternoon with my fellow PCSO’s.

Monday 15th October and Tuesday 16th October were rest days

Sunday 14th October (14:00 – 22:00hrs)
My first task today was to conduct some extensive house to house enquiries in Prickwillow. This was following reports that a white male, driving a small silver two door car, had been seen in Kingdon Avenue on several occasions and acting in a suspicious manner. Words of advice has now been given to all the residents to contact us if this male is seen again.I was then crewed with PC Rob Knapper this evening, and where we headed out to Witcham to speak to a victim in respect of an incident of criminal damage. Our next task was to give words of advice to a dog walker in Haddenham following an incident this afternoon. Rob then kindly returned me to Ely Police Station so I could update the system and he returned to the beat to join other officers at an incident of domestic violence in Sutton.

Saturday 13th October (16:00 – 00:00hrs)
I have discovered that technology has not only over taken me but has positively taken into orbit! My work’s Blackberry had ceased to work and I was forced to ‘migrate’ it ( whatever that means)this afternoon. So I had fun and games copying all my contacts before I lost them while my phone had a fit! Fingers crossed that by tomorrow morning, I shall be fully up to date with my new improved device. If any of you try to contact me, you may find that you will have to dial 101.
This evening Barb and I did a reassurance visit to a victim of burglary in Ely, followed by patrols around the City Centre and the surrounding villages. I am pleased to report that there were no issues of concern this evening.

 Friday 12th October (14:00 – 00:00hrs)

This afternoon was mostly spent catching up on outstanding paperwork as I had been at the Fire Station two days followed by two rest days, so there was much to be sorted. Satisfied that I was finally up to date I double crewed with Barb Neill as we headed out to patrol Ely and the villages including Isleham where we installed a ‘Jackpot’ alarm to a victim of Domestic Violence. This system is linked to our control room via radio waves and can be activated by a panic button.

Tuesday 9th October (8:00 – 18:00hrs)
Safety Zone, Ely Fire Station. 9:00am – 3:00pm.
Later in my shift I returned to normal duties and where I headed out to Wilburton to conduct some house to house enquiries following the theft from a pay phone on the High Street. This occurred on Wednesday 26th September at approximately 9:30 pm and where unknown offenders have drilled a hole in the cash box and stolen over £100 in cash. Did you see anything? If you think you can help us with our enquiries then please call us on the non emergency number 101 ASAP.

Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th October were rest days.

Monday 8th October (8:00 – 18:00hrs)
Every year the local Fire Service holds a Safety Zone week for the local schools. Today PCSO Barb Neill and I headed off to the Ely Fire Station with our Mobile Police Station ready for this years young visitors where the children, aged 9-10 have the opportunity to learn valuable safety advice from the different organisations such as The Fire Service, Network Rail, British Transport Police, Trading Standards, Road Safety, Heart Team, The Community Safety Partnership and of course ourselves. All the children that visited our mobile police station were shown a short film of a distraction burglary and were then asked several observational questions to see what they could remember. This is always an enjoyable event and Barb and I shall be back at the Fire station again tomorrow.

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