Charities & Community Groups to benefit from Council downsize


Surplus items are being recycled and reused to help benefit charities, schools, community groups and other public bodies by Cambridgeshire County Council as it downsizes.

The Council is moving staff out of offices, such as Castle Court in Cambridge, to save millions of pounds. In doing so is also cutting back on desks and other items which the authority is looking to put to good use.

Charities, schools, community groups and other public bodies are being urged to sign up free to an online resource reuse network called Warp-it at

Once online they can search for items the County Council or any other organisation is recycling and make a bid or receive them for free.

The online portal allows organisations, including schools and charities, locally and nationally, to link up and share or donate surplus items as well as obtain them.

Not for profit charities, social enterprises and community groups are all able to sign up free of charge too. More information can be found on Warp-it’s website

Most items on Warp-it from Cambridgeshire County Council are free of charge although to make sure the authority gets best value it may charge for some specialist or valuable items. Collection of any items must be arranged by the receiving party.

The recipients must be a charity, social enterprise or community group delivering a social objective to join. This includes organisations such as sports clubs, scouts and brownies and any groups serving a social or charitable purpose.

Other local organisations, including the University of Cambridge, are already signed up to Warp-it and its success relies heavily on more local organisations, schools, libraries and charities joining too.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Steve Count, Leader of the Council and Chairman of General Purposes Committee, said: “Charities, schools and other community organisations can now benefit from items which are no longer needed by the council as we downsize as part of the millions of pounds of savings we are making. This means these organisations can benefit from office furniture and other items that we would have to recycle and they would normally have to buy. As we downsize there is inevitably going to be some surplus and of course the council is reusing these resources wherever we can. But there are still some items that are in perfectly good condition and would be very useful for a community organisation. We hope as many eligible organisations as possible sign up to the site and benefit from this.”

To register please visit

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