Cambridgeshire Scrapbook

Mike Petty, the Cambridgeshire local historian, formerly of the Cambridgeshire Collection has been compiling A Cambridgeshire Scrapbook over the last 20 years. It comprises over 3,000 pages and more than 20,000 fascinating facts, features and (occasional) fallacies reported in Cambridge newspapers between 1897 and 1990.

It is arranged week by week  so you can check to see what was hitting the headlines when you were born!

It is free to read, free to download, free to use. Just search Cambridgeshire Scrapbook on your computer or tablet.

He has also put together scores of mini-scrapbooks for individual Cambridgeshire villages Haddenham, news from Aldreth is included here too.

To view Haddenham’s mini scrapbook click here

To view all the mini scrapbooks please click here

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