Haddenham Library

Opening Hours & Contact Details:
Library Opening Hours are:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2.30-5.00
  • Monday and Friday 6.00-7.30
  • Saturday 10.00-12.00.

The library is located at one end of the Arkenstall Village Centre, at 7 Station Road. Telephone/Fax  01353 740624. E-mail: library@haddenham.org.uk

Library Manager: Moira Goddard

Lending Books
Haddenham Library Access Point (LAP) is a volunteer staffed library. It has a lot of books of its own for lending, but also receives books on a regular basis from the county council’s library service. Borrowers must be members of Cambridgeshire Libraries, but membership is free and can be applied for in the space of a few minutes at Haddenham LAP. Members can then borrow a maximum of 12 books for a period of 3 weeks.  Books may be renewed 3 times (unless it has been requested elsewhere). Many books not available on the shelves can be ordered through the Library Service for collection at Haddenham LAP.

  • Search the Cambridgeshire Library Catalogue.
  • Renew a library loan.

Other Services
Haddenham LAP also offers:

  • free public access to two computers with internet access
  • free wifi (you need to signup with an e-mail address)
  • photocopier
  • laminator (upto A3 size)
  • information on local events
  • Every summer, the Library Service promotes reading for children with a themed Reading Challenge.  Stickers are placed in their logbooks after reading a book, and when they have read six books, they have finished the challenge and receive various puzzles and colouring-in sheets to complete.  At the end of the scheme, all the children who have finished the Challenge are invited to a party at the Library to receive their certificate and a medal.
  • The Adult Reading Group (HARP) is a small group of readers who meet monthly to discuss a selection of books.  These books are selected by the group and ordered through the Library service.

The general public has donated many books, especially non-fiction on the shelves.  Books that are donated must be in good condition in order to be considered for Library use.  Donated stock is sorted into categories, based on subject matter, and then catalogued.  With a barcode attached, the book is then processed with a date label and a category sticker.  It is then ready to go on the shelf.

The Friends of Haddenham Library
A small group of varied individuals, some from other village organisations, who meet bi-monthly to discuss the management of the Library.  Meeting times and dates are displayed on the notice boards in the Library.

Membership of the Friends is open to anyone with an interest in maintenance of the library service in the village. The cost is only £1.00 minimum annually, although some individuals pledge larger amounts and donate monthly/quarterly.

The Village Archive
Haddenham has been very fortunate that Freda Crofts collected lots of material over numerous years, including parish records, photographs and newspapers clippings for the County Council.  These form the basis of the village archive.  The albums contain photographs of parish events, village locations and families.  There are numerous scrapbooks including the Haddenham pantomime from 1974 to the present day, and several are full of newspaper cuttings of stories relevant to the village donated by the late Violet Barnes and Kath Peacock.  The archive also contains burial records and the Markwell family tree.

The Library holds an extensive Local Studies collection.  Most of the books in this section are about Cambridgeshire and the Fens, with many books relating to Haddenham and Ely.

Library History
The Haddenham Library first opened its doors on 14th September 1964.  It was situated in the old Co-Op china shop, at 12 High Street.  Freda Crofts was the Librarian, and later Mary Russell was her deputy.  In 1972 it moved from the High Street into the Arkenstall Centre where it is currently situated.

During the 1990s, the Library came under threat of closure from the County Council for the first time.  It was after a meeting to discuss the closure, that the Friends of Haddenham Library was formed in 1995 with the objective of promoting all Library activities. Despite attempts by the Friends to keep the Library open, it eventually closed on the 6th September 2003.

In the meantime, the Friends considered the options, and after discussion and consultation, and with public support, decided to reinstate the Library as a voluntary enterprise.  The Haddenham Library was reopened on 27th October 2003 by local author Jean Adamson, writer of the Topsy and Tim children’s books.

The Library service provided approximately 1,000 books and the computer issuing system, as well as some financial help.  This was on condition that the Library achieved stipulated borrowing levels, applicable for three years until Autumn 2006.

In the first year, more books were obtained through gifts, donations and purchases, resulting in full bookshelves totalling approximately 5,000 volumes.