Councillor Responsibilities (Committees, Working Groups, Community Group Representatives and Appointed Representatives)

May 2018

Chairman of Haddenham Parish Council: Councillor David Lyon

Vice Chairman of Haddenham Parish Council: Councillor Nick Tindall

All councillors are expected to serve on at least two of the following groups. A committee is a formal group with an agenda and minutes. A working group reports its business and makes recommendations to a council meeting. Community Group representatives are also appointed by the Council to serve on various bodies according to their constitutions.

The members serving in these various capacities are shown beneath each group.

Code of Conduct Committee – This committee will meet when a complaint has been made against another councillor for breaches of the Code of Conduct.                                   Current members: D Lyon, S Smith & G Wilson.  Two additional members from Sutton & Wilburton Parish Councils will also sit on the committee.

Finance & Emergency Committee – Usually consists of six councillors, including Chairman & Vice Chairman, to consider and make recommendations to the Council on financial matters. Also has delegated authority to make some decisions on behalf of the Parish Council.
Current members:  S Fairchild, D Lyon, C Ray, S Smith, N Tindall & G Wilson

Planning Committee – The Parish Council is not a planning authority, but is consulted and comments on applications in the parish. Plans are received by the Clerk and a dedicated group of four councillors serves for three months of the year to consider plans and if necessary call a planning meeting. The remaining members of the Parish Council can also request a planning meeting if they feel it is necessary and all parish councillors have voting rights at the meetings. A list of planning applications will also be displayed on this website and on the noticeboards to allow members of the public to submit their comments to the Parish Council.

Current membership                                                                                                                January – March: S Fairchild, P Goddard, D Lyon & K Page

April – June:  M Hugo, D Lyon, S Smith & N Tindall                                                           

July – September: S Cheetham, P Goddard, C Ray & P Wilson                

October – December: S Cheetham, S Fairchild, K Page & G Wilson

Working Groups:

Allotments – This group oversees the allotment sites at the Burial Ground in Chewells Lane and at Haddenham Recreation Field. To enquire about availability of allotments please contact the Assistant Parish Clerk on 01353 749919 or email:
Current members:  P Goddard, K Page & C Ray 

Burial Areas – This committee is responsible for the burial ground in Chewells Lane, the Churchyard and Closed Cemetery in Church Lane.
Current members:  P Goddard, N Tindall & P Wilson

Christmas Lights -Responsible for the village display of lights and Christmas trees. Current members: S Fairchild, P Goddard & K Page

Communications – This group was formed in June 2015 to oversee, consider and improve all communication methods between the Parish Council and residents of Haddenham & Aldreth.                                                                                                                      Current members: M Hugo, D Lyon, C Ray & N Tindall

Emergency Planning – This group was formed in 2017 to draw up an emergency plan, including volunteers, in the event of a major incident hitting the parish.                       Current members: S Fairchild, K Pate, N Tindall, G Wilson & P Wilson

Environmental Overview – This group meets quarterly to oversee the maintenance of open spaces, public benches, parish owned trees, green footpaths, gates and bins around the village.
Current members: S Cheetham, P Goddard, D Lyon, R Norman, C Ray & N Tindall

Road Safety (including Street Lighting) – This group meets regularly to consider and action all issues of road safety in the parish together with working to minimise the problems with HCVs in the village. They also work to improve lighting in the village adding additional lights where it is felt necessary, conducting regular checks on all lamps and reporting faulty lights.                                                                                                             Current members: P Goddard, D Lyon, S Smith, N Tindall, G Wilson and P Wilson

Community Group Representatives:

Aldreth Community Association:  M Hugo

Arkenstall Village Centre: G Wilson

Bonfire: P Goddard

Fairchild’s Meadows: S Fairchild, R Norman & C Ray

Haddenham Library: P Goddard, G Wilson & P Wilson

Haddenham Recreation Centre Committee: D Lyon, R Norman, N Tindall &              G Wilson

Pond Management Committee: R Norman & C Ray

Appointed Representatives

Elizabeth March Foundation: R Norman & G Wilson

Haddenham Charities: P Goddard

Robert Arkenstall Education Foundation: P Goddard & R Norman

Other roles:

Groundsman Liaison Officer: D Lyon

Press Officers: J Manning & T Taylor