This is a not-for-profit website run by the parish council for the Cambridgeshire villages of Haddenham and Aldreth.

The intention is to create a site that can act as a hub for information about, or of use to, the village and its inhabitants, to run alongside the village magazine, the Village Voice.

This website cannot achieve its aims without regular contributions from members of the community. We won’t be including articles and features to avoid conflict with the Village Voice, but if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, events, photos, links or information that you would like to see on the website, please get in touch using the Contact form.


Haddenham Community Land Trust

Haddenham Parish Council has supported the development of the Haddenham Community Land Trust whose objective is to provide Affordable Housing for residents of our Community.

Please click here to go to their website for further information



Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan is currently being developed and further information can be found on the Haddenham 2040 website